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Menstrual pain affects 90% of women in the UK and 57% of them excuse themselves from daily activities due to unbearable pain. This problem is centuries old, but there is still no discreet and non-invasive solution to relieve painful period cramps.

DAILYA introduces a solution for women wanting to relieve period pain discreetly outside of their homes and develops an affordable solution that doesn’t require electrical maintenance nor adds additional complications to users.

The menstrual pain relief market is filled with products, such as TENS (Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation) to over-the-counter painkillers. Based on surveys and interviews with 50+ women, we understood the needs of the users and identified four main areas of focus:

  • Simplicity: The users were not looking for a solution that uses rocket science to solve their problems, they needed something simple and easy to use. Hence the preference for the hot water bottle over everything else.

  • Discreetness: Users were keen on ensuring that whatever they use is not conspicuous.

  • Effortlessness: It was imperative that the solution needs to be incorporated into the routine of the users for it to be widely accepted.

  • Inclusivity: Many of the high-tech solutions were inaccessible to certain users due to reasons such as affordability or medical conditions.

That's why we designed DAILYA. Inspired by the humble hot water bottle.

  • Dailya uses the most simple and effective solution of focused heat delivery to relieve pain.

  • It is embedded in the underwear and hence is completely hidden from view.

  • It is as easy to use as regular underwear. Recharging it takes as little effort as washing it with the rest of one's laundry in the washing machine.

  • Dailya is priced such as it is affordable to all and it can be used by anyone irrespective of special needs.


In Collaboration with:

Sachin Mehra, Valeria Martinelli

A sneak pick into DAILYA 

DAILYA is an undergarment with embedded heating that targets pain zones in the abdomen and lower back area. It uses phase change materials to provide the heat needed to relax the uterine muscle contractions that cause period cramps. It does not require electricity to provide instant relief, and multiple packs can be activated individually or in combination for a relieving effect that lasts several hours throughout the day.

Hero Image 1 - RCA Website (1).png

The heating pack design is based on body ergonomics for optimum heat delivery for up to 6 hours of intermittent heat on the abdominal and lower back regions.

Hero Image 3 - RCA Website Floating Underwear (1).png

Once you finish using it, the undergarment simply needs to be put in the washing machine at 60oC to reset the solution for it to be reused. Thus, the product is incorporated into their daily lives without any additional effort.

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